Morning Roundup 09/09/13

Evangelicals on Syria; Gay Rights & Religious Rights; Culture Models; Criticizing Worship Leaders

We'll be releasing some research on this later this week on how people—and evangelical people—view the potential conflict with Syria, but in the meanwhile, here is some info about evangelical leaders.

NAE's Leith Anderson: Evangelicals oppose strike against SyriaJonathan Merritt

Sarah Pullian Bailey gets the flashpoints correct, though I would add that military chaplaincy will also be a flashpoint. I spoke at the national chaplains meeting last year as they were implementing new policies and the issue is tricky and challenging.

Gay rights vs. religious rights: 7 issues to watchSarah Pulliam Bailey

This should not be your full understand of culture, but it's a fascinating article worth reading.

The Lewis Model Explains Every Culture In The WorldSlate

Recently on The Exchange, Stephen Miller discussed why some worship leaders get unfairly criticized more than others. Don't forget to join me every Tuesday at 3:00 PM Eastern for The Exchange.

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