Morning Roundup 10/22/13

Were Church Fathers Pro-Life?; Two Grandsons; Which States Love Dogs Most?

Were the Church Fathers Consistently Pro-Life?David Neff

I saw David this week at the NAE board meeting and he looked awesome in his bow tie. Turns out, he can do a fascinating interview as well. Be sure to read this interview from Ron Sider (the historian):

Two Grandsons: A Story of Death, Life, and FamilyThom Rainer

I thought this was a moving example and story.

Which States Love Dogs the Most? [Infographic]Daily Infographic

I like most dogs—just not one of mine. (We actually have three—one for each daughter.) The newest one is possessed. And, it turns out I have to move to another state.

Recently on The Exchange, pastor, author, teacher, and artist DA Horton spent some time with me sharing his story. He rightly called for the church to not rob the urban poor of rich theology. Don't forget to join me every Tuesday at 3:00 PM Eastern for The Exchange.

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