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Evangelicals Say It Is Time For Congress To Tackle Immigration

When it comes to immigration reform, American evangelicals want it all. Nine out of 10 (86 percent) want more border security. Six in 10 (61 percent) support a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. More than two-thirds (68 percent) favor both. And they want Congress to take action soon. Those are among the results of… [Read More]
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Christian Media Barely Reaching Beyond the Faithful

Christian broadcasters have a devoted following, with about two-thirds of weekly churchgoers and evangelicals saying they tune in to Christian radio and television on a regular basis. …read more From:: LifeWay Research [Read More]
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One in Three Americans Worry About Sharia Law Being Applied in America

As President Obama seeks to ramp up military action against the terrorist group known as ISIS, Americans remain uneasy over the place of Islam in the United States and in the world. …read more From:: LifeWay Research [Read More]

The Exchange Show

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FLAME: The Exchange Podcast #68

On this episode of The Exchange with Ed Stetzer:FinalRFCover Hip-hop artist FLAME discusses the intersection of hip-hop, the gospel and Scripture along with his new album Royal Flush Movie review of The Remaining with Rev. Thomas McKenzie Training from Ministry Grid: Leadership consultant and Pastor Ron Edmondson Bad Church Signs Name That Theologian Trivia …read… [Read More]
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Learning, Liberty University, and Leading Churches – Elmer Towns

On this episode of The Exchange with Ed Stetzer, Elmer Towns, co-founder and vice president of Liberty University, discusses the rise of Liberty, the top 10 influential churches, his 10-year plan and more. Also training from with Andy Crouch, leadership highlight with Dr. Tony Evans, and bad church signs. …read more From:: The Exchange [Read More]
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Larry Osborne: The Exchange Podcast #67

Interview: Pastor and author Larry Osborne from North Coast Church in Vista, California, where he has served as senior pastor since 1980. He and Ed discuss his book on innovation and church leadershipinn-secret Training from Andy Crouch – executive editor of Christianity Today and author of Culture Making and Playing God. Leadership with Ron… [Read More]

Facts & Trends

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A Path to Spiritual Growth

by Ed Stetzer This issue of Facts & Trends has gone back to the basics a bit. It has aimed to help us understand the gospel better, experience more of God’s love, and be more inspired to live out our calling as His redeemed and empowered people, the church. Throughout, we’ve looked at ways spiritual…
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Isn’t It Time We Talked about Mental Health?

by Ed Stetzer With the recent onslaught of high-profile tragedies connected with mental illness, many people, Christians and non-Christians alike, are talking about the challenges of mental illness. It’s an important conversation. But one thing I’ve observed is the difficulty with which Christians address mental health in a responsible and holistic way. Mental illness carries…
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Hard Truths about Multicultural Churches

by Ed Stetzer The church is called to be both an instrument and sign of the kingdom of God. As an instrument, the church is God’s agent in the world showing and sharing the love of Jesus to a broken and hurting world. And as a sign, the church points to the kingdom of God,…